Walmart to hire 1,000 seasonal employees in Mississippi

MISSISSIPPI — Retail giant Walmart plans to hire 1,000 seasonal employees in Mississippi for the upcoming holiday season. The world’s largest retailer, according to Forbes Magazinehas 82 stores in Mississippi. The company said it plans to pay seasonal workers $9.00 per hour.

The company currently employs about 24,000 people in Mississippi.

A Walmart press statement touts the company’s efforts to bring help to underemployed areas during the holiday season, and stated its initiative to supply jobs to the Magnolia State. There is also an opportunity for current employees to sign up for additional hours during retail’s busiest season. The company also emphasized that last year, more than half of Walmart’s seasonal employees continue on with the company as full-time employees.

Those interested can apply online at

Image courtesy of Walmart

Source: Daily Journal


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