Mississippi startup Trensek hopes to inspire entrepreneurs

JACKSON, Miss. — Trensek is a new technology, mobile game, and app development company based in Jackson. They’re looking forward to the rollout of their first game “Rat Race, The Legend of Rex” this month. The ten entrepreneurs that founded Trensek also want their startup to inspire other African-Americans hoping to make their way into the into the tech industry.

Cannon wants the venture to show young people a new and different career path. While getting all the partners together was a bit of a challenge at Trensek, the teams’ similar backgrounds certainly helped. The company prides itself on “a family-oriented” style of communication. It applies this model to its leadership.

The partners were friends and basketball teammates before partnering in the company. They all interned at Integrated Management Services, one of the largest African-American consulting firms in the country. From daily interaction with the founders, Dr. John Calhoun and Rod Hill they got plenty of opportunity for inspiration.

Source: Mississippi Business Journal


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